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Can I test the software before buying a license?

Yes. You can test the software free for 15 days (trial version). After this trial period you can buy a license to use the software without any time limitation.

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What are the types of licenses available?

Personal Edition

  • License for personal non-commercial use. Use at home or household environment (personal computers).

Commercial Edition

  • License for commercial use (professional or business environment).

General License

  • General License for general use, personal and/or business computers.

Corporate Edition

  • Customized software version with your name and/or logo visible on the program interface.

USB Edition

  • License for USB flash drive (pen drive). Available for corporate clients only.
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How can I buy a license?

You can purchase a license at SiliconAction’s website. SiliconAction accepts credit cards, PayPal and secure money transfer procedures.

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Is it safe to buy at AureoSoft site?

The licenses of AureoSoft products are sold by a respected software reseller (SiliconAction) that uses SSL-encrypted pages for data transfers.

For "Corporate Edition" licenses, please contact directly our support center in order to ask for a quotation.

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Where can I find which version of the product I have?

Please click on the button with the symbol "@" (at) or "?"on the main interface of the software.